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Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield

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 Program Assistant
Hometown: TorontoOntario, Canada
Joined the Ridgefield Club: 2004
Years with the Boys & Girls Club Movement: 8 on staff,  9 years as Member
PH: 203-438-8821 

About Triston

Triston "Big Paw" Philip joined the Club at 9 years old, as a member, and never left.  He credits the Club with giving him opportunities and helping him be the best he could be.  He was involved in all of the Club's signature programs as a kid and a teen, and is now a shining example for all of the young people who he mentors and inspires with his kindness, compassion, and genuine love.  Big Paw is versatile and although he is our gym supervisor, he does much more including, serving as our Co-Manager for group 2 in the summer, helping with middle school and teen leadership programs, and assisting with the Club operations.  He is also a key staff person in ensuring fair play, sportsmanship, respect and safety amongst members.

Triston was our Keystone Sargent of Arms for two years, and now serves as our Keystone Junior Advisor.  Triston was the Club's Youth of the Year in 2011, and was one of only two Youth of the Year's ever selected as a Junior.

In addition to working daily at the Club, Triston is pursuing his associate's degree at Naugatuck Valley Community College.