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Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield

Daily Development

Regular happenings at the Club that prepare youth for success are.....

Power Hour: Homework Program
Power Hour is a national Boys & Girls Club of America program that not only gives Club members help through assignments, but staff assists members in time management, building routines, and goal setting.  Members are motivated to participate as they receive points throughout the year when checking in and completing assignments.  Their points are tallied up every two weeks and displayed on our large power hour charts in the education rooms.  Each year at our annual Keystone Awards dinner members who have put forth a strong effort in our Power Hour program are recognized.

Technology Center Usage and Weekly Challenges
In addition to our Tech Center programs, the technology center is used for homework and research by our members daily.  We also put together a weekly tech center challenge for members to participate in for recreational fun.  These challenges regularly incorporate Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Paint; and are a way to keep members with an interest in technology engaged in a productive activity.  Weekly winners are announced and their work is put on display to recognize them for their efforts.

Question and Wordle of the Day
Each day after school there is a trivia question and word puzzle posted on the white board behind the front desk, for members to try and solve.  Answers are submitted in the games room, and rembers receive points for each correct answer.  Each Monday, points are tallied and members can see who the front runner is!

Gym Games
There is an organized gym game for all members to participate in daily.  Games are generally traditional physical education games, along with some unique team building games.  Gym game times may change from week to week pending on the open gym and SandLot Sports schedules.

Game Room Tournaments
Along with supervised fun, there is a daily game room tournament with winners earning points and moving up the ladder!

Open Art Studio
Members are always able to work in the Art Studio and create a craft, draw, and design under the watchful eye of our Art Room Staff.