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Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield

Meeting Rooms

Our community room is available for organizations to hold meetings, host gatherings, or have a party.  For more information on room availability and pricing, please contact Mike Flynn, Executive Director.

Birthday Parties

Have a birthday bash at the Boys & Girls Club!  The Club hosts birthday parties throughout the late fall, winter and early spring on Saturday's for up to 25 kids.  There are 90 minute blocks available each Saturday beginning November 9th and ending on April 5th; 1:30pm - 3:00pm .  These parties are staff run and are routinely started with a half hour game room tournament, and followed by two 25 minute gym games of choice.  One may also opt for a full 50 minute game, or a full hour and 20 minutes in the gym.  We routinely leave 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the party for cake!  

We also host a batting cage party that allows for 1 hour and 20 minutes for staff run hitting and fielding drills, and batting practice.  

Game Room Tournament Choices:
*Pool*  *Carpetball*  *Foosball*  *Air Hockey*  *Bumper Pool*  *Gockey*  *Ping Pong*

Gym Game Choices: 
*Indoor Soccer*  *Flag Football*  *Dodgeball*  *Wiffleball*  *Elimination*  *Coke 'n' Pepsi*  *Knockout*  *Basketball Games*  *Tennis Baseball*  *Mat Ball*  *Flag Tag*  *Running Bases*  *Floor Hockey*  *Kickball*  *Pillow Polo*  *and much more!

Parties are booked based on a first come, first serve basis!  Contact Mike Flynn to check on availability and to book your party today!


Member Birthday Party:  $200

Non Member Birthday Party:  $275

Batting Cage Member Party:  $250

Batting Cage Non Member Party:  $300

Other Facility Rental:  Fee Based Upon Room & Staff Needs.  Please contact Mike Flynn for more information.