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Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield

Sandlot Sports

The sports programs at the Boys & Girls Club are a very important part of the Club Culture.  And while our community offers a great deal of sporting opportunity for children throughout the year in various leagues and levels of instruction, we try very hard to compliment these leagues and organizations with different formats and structures that may not be available in those leagues or simply offers one a different opportunity.

Sandlot Sports are the Boys & Girls Clubs answer to today's over-structured and over-scheduled athlete. Members enjoy the camaraderie of their peer's on the ball fields and in the gym where they are able to set the rules for the game and resolve conflicts that arise during games with limited assistance from the staff. This affords children the opportunity to learn problem solving skills and the nuances for the sports played while developing an appreciation for recreational sports. The objective to bring back the "old school" spirit of playing sports, reminiscent of the days of yersteryear where kids played sports in their local neighborhoods and sandlots just for the sake of competing and having fun with their friends has been met. As we enter into our third year of this program we are finding that this program serves as the only true sports outlet to many of our members.

Club Sports

Throughout the school year the following sports are offered after school:

SandLot Floor Hockey
SandLot Flag Football
SandLot Basketball
SandLot Indoor Soccer
MVP Players
Doin' Time Baseball Academy

In addition to our SandLot sports program there are many games that are played in the gym, including but not limited to:

Running Bases
Mat Ball
Coke 'n' Pepsi
Tennis Baseball
Flag Tag
Pillo Polo

There is always something fun going on in our gym!